Penteado Mendonça Advocacia

Heir to a legal tradition begun in 1860.


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Areas of expertise

1. Insurance

    Insurance, reinsurance, private health plans, pension plans and capitalization

  • Legal advisory for administrative and out of court procedures
  • Legal opinions for all matters related
  • Government agencies and authorities
  • Legal advisory for relations with regulatory agencies
  • Analysis, development and revision of police wordings
  • Legal advisory for claims and loss regulations.
  • Consultancy for commercial and financial negotiations
  • Recovery and collection
  • Arbitration, mediation and other out of court settlements
  • Administrative litigation
  • Court litigation in all levels

2. Other Legal needs

    Contracts, general and specific liabilities, environmental liability, consumer law, among others

  • Preventive legal support
  • Legal consultancy
  • Preventive and judicial legal opinions
  • Contracts development, review and renegotiation
  • Compensation, collection and renegotiation of financial liabilities
  • Legal support for negotiating and renegotiating credits and liabilities in general
  • Legal support for administrative/non- judicial actions.
  • Arbitration, mediation and out of court settlement
  • Administrative/non- judicial procedures